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Rolling Bag Is Not Equal To The Food Bag

Dec 30, 2016

Even volume bags also called for hand tore bags, even volume bags can used to costumes food, texture is thin, quality different, bearing capacity, and feel, aspects also not as, many even volume bags production manufacturers to reduced cost, will in production process in the joined has industrial level of calcium carbonate, with this even volume bags to loaded hot and sour powder, cooked food Shi, calcium carbonate on will dissolved, eventually through food into human.

But food bags on not as has, food bags is reached food security grade of bag, food bags Shang will has enterprise information, and QS logo, related marked, national provides, for food packaging of plastic bags, to in bag Shang marked food with words, if even volume bags Shang no food with of words, consumers on hard know even volume bags of material and production requirements can reached costumes food of requirements.