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Present Status Of China Packaging Industry

Dec 30, 2016

From a long-term perspective, with the rapid development of modern commercial and logistics industry, steady growth in global demand for the packaging industry, packaging industry, paper packaging for its good physical, mechanical, decoration printing adaptability, economic utility, and environmental protection, and more and more widely used, China's packaging industry and social demand, increasing scientific and technological content, has become one of the most important industries in the national economy.

According to forecast, from 2011 to 2015, packaging industrial gross can reached 600 billion yuan, average annual to 6% of speed growth, to 2015, paper packaging products can reached 36 million tons, to 2020, China packaging industrial will meet full built well-off social of needs, built a technology content high, and economic good, and resources consumption low, and pollution less, and talent resources advantage get full play of new China packaging industrial, packaging industrial has became "Chaoyang" industry, Great potential for development.