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Biohazard Waste Bag for Medical Waste (HDPE)

Mar 10, 2018

Biohazard Waste Bag for Medical Waste (HDPE) Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Type:Waste Bag

  • Biohazard Medical Waste Bag Color:Yellow/Red

  • Size:31*41inch

  • Style:Flat Top

  • Biohazard Medical Waste Bag Material:HDPE

  • MOQ:10000PCS

  • Thickness:40micro

  • Biohazard Medical Waste Bag Specification:CE

  • Origin:China

  • HS Code:39232900

Biohazard Waste Bag for Medical Waste (HDPE) Product Description

Biohazardous Waste Collection Bags are used to collect, store, and transport biohazardous/infectious waste within a health care facility, outpatient surgery center, alternate care clinic, physician's office, and lab. Offered in both High Density/HMW and Linear Low Density resins for your specific application, standard sizes include Flat Seal, Star Seal, and Gusseted Bottoms.

For your enquiry:
Please write your demand size(width*length), Thickness, Printing content, Color, Quantity to us.
We will quote the best price to you soon

Width Length Thickness Color  Packing
255mm 300mm 30μm Yellow/Red Box 1000
350mm 470mm 45μm Yellow/Red Box 1000
500mm 600mm 30μm Yellow/Red Box 250
500mm 600mm 55μm Yellow/Red Box 250
530mm -G 740mm 45μm Yellow/Red Box 250
530mm -G 740mm 45μm Yellow/Red Roll 250
630mm 800mm 55μm Yellow/Red Box200
560mm 990mm 55μm Yellow/Red Box 200
560mm 990mm 25μm Yellow/Red Box 250
660mm 1000mm 30μm Yellow/Red Box 100
660mm 1000mm 55μm Yellow/Red Box 200
660mm -G 1250mm (Tie Top) 55μm Yellow/Red Box 200
710mm 900mm 55μm Yellow/Red Box 100
790mm -G 1300mm (Tie Top) 30μm Yellow/Red Box 250
770mm 950mm 55μm Yellow/Red Box 100
990mm -G 1200mm 30μm Yellow/Red Roll 100
990mm -G 1200mm 55μm Yellow/Red Box 100
1150mm -G 1470mm 30μm Yellow/Red Roll 100
1180mm -G 1500mm 55μm Yellow/Red Box 50
1180mm -G 1500mm 55μm Yellow/Red Roll 100

Biohazard Waste Bag for Medical Waste (HDPE).jpg