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Aluminum Foil Air Bubble Insulating Box Liners

May 10, 2017

Box Liner Product Detail

Box Liner Basic Info
  • Material:Composite

  • Spec:Large

  • Usage:Storage, Packaging

  • Suit for:Shipping

  • Structure:Al+Bubble+Al

  • Aluminum Foil:Multilayer Foil

  • Materials:Air Bubble,,Aluminum Foil

  • Brand Name:Star Packaging

  • Trademark:insulated

  • Transport Package:Pack in PE Bag

  • Specification:Rohs SGS AWTA

  • Origin:China

Box Liner Product Description
Quick Details
Type: Other Heat Insulation Materials, New Heat Insulation Materials
Structure: AL+Bubble+AL
Aluminum foil: Multilayer Foil
Material: Air Bubble,,Aluminum foil
Thermal Conductivity Rate: 0.03-0.05W/m
Reflectivity: 96%
Air Bubble: 130GSM,180GSM,300GSM
Printing: Accept
Roll Size: 1.2MX40M/Roll or 13.5MX22.25M/Roll
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:Delivery Detail:
Insulated 3D Box Liners is packed in standard carton or as per customers' requirements
about 7 working days

Insulated box liners
Cool Shield Shipping Box Liner
Thermal Resistant Foil Bubble Shipping Box Liner
Thermal Insulation Metallic Foil Bubble Mailer 
Sun Shield Foil Bubble Envelopes
Foil insulated shipping box liners to transport your perishable temperature-sensitive goods safely; they cushion as they insulate, protecting your valuable contents.
Custom insulated box liners are great for keeping items warm or cool.We specializes in fitting our insulated box liners to the dimensions of your box.We offers three different thicknesses of bubble: 1/2″, 3/16″, and 5/16″.  For heavy-duty items additional Third Web Bubble may be added to any bubble size to provide  extra strength and durability. Metalized polyester is laminated to the bubble thickness of your choice for a strong, tear and puncture resistant thermal barrier.
Reflective barrier insulation outside - insulates against the outside temperature.
Bubble insulation inside -  lightweight and low cost.
Superior protection - perfect for perishables and temperature sensitive items in transit.
Bubble Thickness-1/2″, 3/16″, 5/16″
Width, length and height made to your specifications.
Insulated box liners are strong and offer excellent protection for your products.
Custom made to accomplish your goals.
Squared bottoms allow the insulated box liners to slide in easily and fit snug to your box.

Whether shipping pharmaceuticals, seafood, wine and beverages, chocolate, cheeses, or fruits and flowers, our insulated liners shipping products will protect your perishables from light and temperature changes.

Aluminum Foil Air Bubble Insulating Box Liners