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Introduction to color printing bag

Dec 30, 2016

Printing seed packaging bags put various different characteristics of material composite in with, to improved packaging material of breathable sex, and breathable sex, and resistance oily, and resistance water, and resistance drug character, makes its play anti-insect, and dust, and anti-microbial, and light, and incense, and smelly, smell of isolated sex, and heat, and Hardy, and resistance impact has better of mechanical strength and processing applies performance, and has good of printing and the decorative effect.

Classification as a package: three-side-seal, and letters, pillow in bag, bag, or five sides sealing bag, standing bags, zipper bags, straw bags, sheet, cover sheet

Classification by function: high anion membrane bag, stewing bag, antibacterial, antistatic film bag lining, anti-fog film bags, vacuum bags, chemical-resistant Bag packaging film, oxygen bags, bags for modified atmosphere packaging

By material: laser complex paper materials, aluminum laser transfer paper material, paper, composites, aluminum, composites, plastics, composites, textile composites, etc.