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Choosing the standard garbage bags

Dec 30, 2016

First, the choice of garbage bags to comply with environmental protection concept.

Second, to select charge, General garbage bags to fit two-thirds capacity, which can not charge too much, when such treatment is not handy. Can use automatic shut trash bags, garbage bags will be able to get a reasonable use of space, more trash, waste less garbage bags.

Thirdly, the design of two kinds of garbage bags, one is the flat bottom, one is the octagonal base, flat-bottom design garbage bags larger capacity, octagonal end of load-bearing strength.

Finally, use high strength pure new PE material, compared with secondary recycled garbage bags more access, more pliable and not break.

Finally, to use easy to shut a trash bag so that the process is more convenient, if garbage bag easy holes, sanitation workers to handle will be scattered all over the floor, not conducive to environmental protection.